Monday, September 22, 2014

Echo weave gamp plans

I decided to do a gamp.  Here is the rotation and all the possibilities out of the 8 colors I chose:

Dark blue, med blue, teal and light blue

exchange dark blue for a new dark color, green

exchange med blue for new light color, yellow

drop teal for a new dark color, plum

drop light blue for a new light color, orange

Drop the green, add back dark blue

drop the yellow, add back med blue

drop the plum, add back teal

All the color together:

The weft rotation will go in the same order with these same colors:
 dark blue, med blue, light blue, teal, green, yellow, orange, and plum

There will be 8 different warp combinations mixed with 8 different weft possibilities, so there will be 64 different squares to study.  This is a much faster way to do this than little samples one at a time on my loom!  I just have to do it so it all fits.  Sett will be 40 epi, which will be 4 ends in each dent on a 10 dent reed.

I hope this works...

In other news, David had a successful feeding day!!  I guess he's more of an oat guy than a rice guy... and that's ok!

 He got a new high chair!  It's really nice... and purchased from a gift-card from the neighbors!


 Zip loved the box!

We also got him a "johnny jumper" on the same gift card!

He loves it!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

An "Ah ha!" Moment

I finally tightened up the warp sett from 30 to 45 epi.  I am using a 15 dent reed, so I switched from 2 threads per dent to 3.  I think if I were to back it down to 40, or 4 threads per dent on a 10 dent reed, I think it might look pretty darn good!  This is the best one by far... and I really like these colors together.  I have hope now...

David loves his new knit cap!!  I saw this yarn and had to make him a little hat for the cooler weather!

It fits his personality perfectly!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

More samples

I should just weave a gamp instead of individual samples!  It probably wouldn't be a bad idea... and then I can try several combinations of colors at one time.

I have come to a conclusion... I don't like the light wefts as much as the dark wefts.  You can actually see the design much better on this sample in the picture than in real life.  In real life, it doesn't make any sense to my brain.  So I didn't finish this one....

And here is a dark weft sample:

I didn't put enough yarn on the shuttle to actually finish it 100%, but I do like it more than others.  I notice though that it looks a little squatty, so I wonder if I made the sett just a tad tighter if it would change it overall to look better than ever.  I'm still not 100% fond of this weave... mine just don't look like the cool ones in the book and I am running out of ideas.  I might or might not abandon ship after this one... but I might do a gamp. Still not sure where I'm headed or how hard I want to try to make these work.

David bravely trying something new... real food for the first time!  It took a day or two for him to get used to this new idea!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Hopefully it's worth the effort

 This third sample warp is made up of shades of blues: light, med, dark, and darker.  

It was tied onto the old threading.

This is the same treadling attempt, but I decided it just wasn't looking good on the actual warp.  Something about this one.... too small of a design?  In real life, it mushes together and doesn't look too good.  So I abandoned ship on this sample treadling.

 This one has a diamond shape, and I like it the most out of all the samples I have done so far!

But it's still not perfect.  It's too monotone.

I need to add some life by switching up some colors.  Perhaps a green weft... or purple.  I'll have to play around some more with it.  I might also think about switching out some of the inner colors.

I have never had to do so many samples for one project before!  This is crazy!  I guess it shows you how complicated a weave structure this is.  It has a lot of factors... colors, sett, shades and contrast... Hopefully it's worth the effort!

David enjoying that handwoven blanket I made a few months back!  It's finally getting chilly enough to bring it out!

He loves being loosely wrapped up.  And for some reason, he loves rubbing soft fabrics on his chubby cheeks!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Re-thinking & re-tying

I pulled the original echo weave sample out of my wash today and I was rather impressed with how neat it looked overall... so I'm re-thinking of doing it again, but with the 12/2 cotton sett at 30 epi like the original sample.  I'm not fond of my second sample of 16/2 sett at 30, and I think I need a tighter sett in order to make it work, but I think I like the bigger thread, possibly 8/2 or 8/4 would look even neater in echo weave.

Closing shot...
Soccer baby!  All he needs is a soccer ball!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


I think I'm "echo-challenged"... meaning that I can't do it!  Just like the first practice warp, I'm also dissatisfied with this one, too.

Here is the latest sample:

I really REALLY hate it.  I don't say it often about my weaving, but I hate it.

If you look at it from the side, you can kind of see what it was supposed to be... 

Looking back at the first practice samples, they were way better than this practice sample... and I didn't like those either.

I tried a darker weft color, the teal that is also part of the warp, and it was only a little bit better... but no where near pleasing enough to even finish the sample.

Again, viewed from the side, you can kind of see it.... but who looks at weaving from this specific of an angle?

I really love looking at this "Weaving with Echo and Iris" book, but it's just not happening for me.  I'm getting to a point where I'm not enjoying weaving right now so I might have to put these project ideas aside for awhile and play with this book later!  I MIGHT consider tightening up the sett.  Here are some examples of loose sett vs. tight sett.

Sett 20 epi

 Sett 40 epi 



This little guy makes me so happy!  Look how tiny he looks in this walker!

Here is David singing an old classic!


Saturday, August 30, 2014

Echo Iridescence

 The Plan:

The Yarn:

Hope this works out!

We spent a lot of time each summer morning walking with Big Grandpa!  Here's a shot!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Echo color studies with a virtual warp

I have been doing a lot of thinking about the echo weave color choices and which would be best.  There is great information on pg 38 of Marian's book "Weaving with Echo and Iris."  She says to use 4 colors that follow the color wheel:
     1. red, or a color that uses red, for example purple or orange
     2.  blue or a color that contains blue
     3. green or a color related to green
     4. yellow, or one that is related to yellow

Marian also says that a combination of 3 analogous colors and their compliment would also work well... of course, this also follows the rules to the above 4 colors if you use them all!

Keeping all these guidelines in mind, here are some combinations I came up with while playing in the paint program:

My favorite so far was combination #3.  I made a warp using colors from #3.  Marian also suggests grouping your colors in order that they would appear on the color wheel.  The way they are in the picture would follow this rule.

Here is my virtual practice warp following combination #3:

I wanted to see what this one would look like with different wefts:

Here are some experimental wefts for my virtual warp close-up:







Honestly, I am not a purple person, but I really like the purple warp.  I wonder if it's because it's 1. different from all the other colors involved, and 2.  brings out the complimentary blue color.  Also, it's dark and makes the other colors pop.

This has been a fun virtual warp journey!  It really gets me thinking about my next warp.  Of course, I'm going to use what colors I have on hand, but I think I understand the colors a little bit better than before.

And a little bit of David to complete your day!